Easier to Maintain

Reliability, Maintainability and Availability were major design requirements for the KC-390. Reliability through proven systems, Redundant Architecture and Robust Design deliver outstanding availability levels.

Cycle Cost

Outstanding Cargo Capacity, Speed and Availability result in incomparable productivity, which when associated with autonomous operational capabilities, lead to reduced and affordable Life Cycle Costs.


KC-390 incorporates recognized proven technologies to redundant systems architectures, leading to unprecedented reliability levels in the segment.


The KC-390 design has maintainability as major requirement. Employing the most efficient methods, as MSG-3, tools and experience, the aircraft maintenance is substantially facilitated and optimized to a minimum downtime and cost.

Maintenance plan

Besides reducing downtime, the optimized Maintenance Plan enhances the benefits of high reliability systems and the airframe; strategically combining the necessary inspections, checks and services in a most productive logic. Interactions with air forces, systems manufacturers and certification authorities in Maintenance Steering Groups leveraged real maintenance experience in the development process.


The highest levels of reliability, combined with easiness to maintain delivers umparalel availability in the medium lift market. The optimized maintenance planning and on condition maintenance reduce substantially the aircraft downtime and maintenance costs.